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Vacation Houses for Rent near Disney World

Happy vacations in FL.Florida Dream Rents provides quality vacation houses for rent at affordable pricing. All rental homes are close to Disney world area of Orlando. Between 5 minutes and 30 minutes away.

All homes come with a well equipped kitchen. Each property has a washer and dryer within the home. Some houses have game rooms to relax in after a hectic day at the parks. Want your own private swimming pool, no problem we have those in our villas or pool homes for rent.

We are a long established vacation rentals & management company in Orlando, FL and our knowledge of the area is extensive.

Vacation Home at Compass Bay

3 Bed vacation home in FL.

Location: Compass Bay
Beds/Baths 3/2.5
Community Pool Y
Fully Equipped Kitchen Y

3 Bed, House for Rent in Orlando

3 bed vacation home in Orlando.

Location: Emerald Island
Beds/Baths 3/2.5
Pool Y
Game room Y

4 Bed House with Pool/Spa

Vacation home for rent with pool and spa.

Location: The Shire
Beds/Baths 4/4
Pool with Spa Y
Fully equipped kitchen Y

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Orlando Vacation Home Rentals

Our rental staff know the homes and can help plan your special trip. Everyone has their own idea of what is needed in a rental house. Let us help you find that property that is just right for you.

From a two bed condo to a seven bed single family pool home, we can help you fit into the right house in Orlando, FL. All it takes is a call or email to us at Florida Dream Rents.

We believe we have the experience to help you find quality houses for rent near Disney world. Give us a call or send an email and find out how good we are, we really do go above and beyond.

We offer you best villas and houses for rent near Disney. A home booked with us brings that peace of mind that you are getting a quality property that is equipped well and furnished just right.

Our rental homes are ideally located. All houses are between 5 minutes and 30 minutes from Disney Main Gate.

We have a dedicated team on board. At Florida Dream Rents our staff know the homes and the area. Let us help you find that perfect place just for you.

Have a home away from home. Renting a vacation home or villa in Central Florida is like having your own home brought here. All the comforts you want and expect and all the ideas a home should have, kitchen, laundry room to name just two. Some houses have swimming pools, game rooms. No additional charge for WiFi. The list goes on.

Enjoy the warm weather of Orlando. This city has seasons like most places, from very hot summers to the ‘cooler’ months of winter. Which is right for you? Ask our advice on when is the best time to visit. This is also important if you want to avoid the crowds at the Theme Parks.

Disney vacation houses offer outstanding value. A Disney home is not a hotel room. You get an entire property for your use. Consider this, a family of 6 staying in a budget motel will pay more per night for three rooms than they would in their own pool house. All that space, yet together in one place. It really is the best of both worlds.

Save a big amount by cooking yourself. One big advantage of these houses is the amenities they offers. All have a kitchen. Just think of the savings using it will bring to allow your hard earned money be spent on the fun things for you and your family.

Save on Laundry and other items. All rental homes in Orlando have a laundry room. Washer and dryer for you to use. Add to this free WiFi and you are set for a great stay.

Your kids will talk about this for a long time. Children are the main reason families visit the area. Part of that is staying in villas or vacation houses for rent with a pool and enjoying quality time with the adults just playing. What better sound is there than a child laughing in your private pool.

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